My 2nd art project,
‘life-death-life’ is a kind of prototype for my future projects, I would say.
The insights of yogic philosophy and the psyche of wild women* are met together and motivated through a small piano improvisation of Luciano Piana, one of my favourite componist and martial artist. There’s also the video from this project. Instagram “@einsiedler_sp”
*In narration, I quoted the phrases of Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés, the writer of ‘women who run with the wolves’.
I won’t write here all these contents, but anyone who is inspired or touched by these wonderful truths, please read the book. 🙏
Thank you and I hope you enjoy.


During Christmas time last year, I spent quite many times with Mia, the cat. I even smelled her breath with the scent of fish. It was mysterious and amazing at the same time, I couldn’t distinguish, whether if Mia was in me or I became to Mia, but I was definitely reading her mind. Writing the next number of the year, I thought, this might be the message for the new year. Intuitive attention. Happy new year.

water drop in the air. crumble of soil on the ground.

My emotional state was going down and down lately. Maybe, it was always like now, only i got to feel now much precisely and I had no other choice than watching my emotions. I wouldn’t deny that I was deep in sorrow. It’s not the same as if I had something bad or sad experiences. Not at all. It’s only the feeling, perception in my mind.
Or maybe I was getting ready to the great conjuction of today. I couldn’t help but think of this picture all day long and after I drew this, I’m fine.