Now and here.

Shadow from the window drawing.
How many animals do you find here?πŸ˜‰

The quarantine changes my daily routines and so comes no time for me to paint, instead, I have a short story for you.

Imagine, there’re two people really deeply loving each other. One day, an unbelievable accident happens to one of these lovers who gets just few days to live on this earth. But it’s impossible to see each other, maybe they are right now in quarantine. What would the person with only few hours say to the other…
If I were the person, I would say..shhhh, don’t be sad. I’m finally staying for ever by you.

And the life would look suddenly so beautiful and sad. Nothing would make any sense for the left behind person to suffer nor to feel hard than this loss of the dearest person. He or she must just live day by day, now and here.

In this thought, I would live everyday like the left behind or the one with maybe one hour.


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