Emotional intelligence

I made also a video clip at IG, @supyo_life

inspired by @christinadefreitas, one of my favorite #Budokon practitioners ๐Ÿ™
I was to repost her feed about emotional intelligence with exercises, I even asked her for allowance, but then I got an idea to merge with my weekly #drawingstory. Please go to her page and take time to read her messages and to try her exercises. I can only highly recommend to be aware of one’s emotional intelligence.
Thoughts create emotions. If I know where my thoughts come from and how my emotions arise based on my thoughts, I am aware of reactions which I, as third person to myself, decide and choose actively. This principle might be not so complicated as one thinks, but I found something astonishingly that between the process, thoughts โžก๏ธemotions, there are people, who just cut off the connection and don’t let emotions arise at all. Or there are also people who know emotions very well, but don’t even mind what they mean, so they just react to them in general way, like ‘i do it so, because the next person to me also did so.’ I noticed, I was always quite aware of my emotional situations and since I practice #yoga and #Taekwondo, I learned to read my thoughts as well. But I was pretty hard denying my emotions, I couldn’t let it react themselves. I was merely surviving my life through struggling and fighting against my emotions. And pains repeated on and on. Also my stubbornness for hope grew stronger too.
Now I started to understand letting go. My emotions won’t be stopped, they just live and go through. I am but watching them, how vivid and pure they experience their ways. Me and my choice? I love to live as the whole. Thought, mind and soul, all in one. ๐Ÿ™
#thankyouforreading #lifejourney #lifewarriors #nopainnogain


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