There are 3 basical 태권도 standings – 전굴, 후굴, 기

I start to understand these standings now first, in 3rd year of training. And I still have to correct them, for I understood with my head, but my body needs time to get practiced.

The 후굴 is the most hard one to execute for beginners like me, I guess. At first time I was concentrated to make my feet in L position and then my weight more on the back foot. But then I forgot to straighten the back and shoulders to the side, so my shoulders are not looking to the front. In this moment, when you get corrected, most people make mistakes and put their butt towards back and make their spine like banana. It needs for belly to be engaged toward inside and then our spine can stay in uprights form. But there’s something more, I noticed nowadays. It’s the hip. The hip should actually function in all directions, I mean, squaring the hip should also be trained and could be able to rotate flexible to find the balance between legs and upper body. Because the weight should not totally lean only on the back leg, somewhere in the middle area of body, otherwise I would easily fall backwards or stand somehow higher. Well, that’s what I am nowadays working for, but not in one day to attain.😅